Emergencies arise, sicknesses happen and injuries are sometimes part of life. Money isn’t always readily available for these unexpected situations.

Rest assured, you have options, however, it is always best to first contact your veterinarian. If you have a good relationship with them, simply ask if they will allow you to make payments arrangements.

Unfortunately, all or most emergency hospitals will not provide payment plans.



You can set up a fundraising site and share the URL on Facebook and other social media sites to help you with unexpected vet expenses for your pet (or if you’re trying to help a pet in need!). There is usually no charge to set up a fundraiser, but a small fee may be reserved by the company hosting the fundraising site from the donations or by PayPal if people are paying via PayPal as well as credit card fees.

Please note: Many people who do not know you personally, may not donate to a fundraising site but will feel more comfortable donating directly to the vet clinic. Please include the veterinarian’s information (name, address, phone) after getting their approval first.


YouCaring is a well-established fundraising site and the only free website listed on this page. Users pay a credit card fee from WePay or PayPal of 2.9%, however there are no other fees and it’s easy and secure.



Here are two options to help you with the costs of these types of situations:


Please apply for Care Credit BEFORE you need it! Most vets and emergency clinics have applications available, but applying online before needing it could save you a lot of stress.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can provide coverage for vet bills, behavior therapies and wellness programs. Unfortunately, pet insurance is often difficult to understand and quality of coverage varies by company. The link above provides a resource that compares different pet insurance companies.

Please note: If you have an emergency situation, you will not be able to get the emergency covered by pet insurance if you do not have it before the incident occurs.


Gofundme is one of the larger fundraising sites. It is very well established and has all of the fundraising tools. There is a 5% fee (plus the credit card fee or PayPal fee) on all donations made.


Indiegogo is among one of the more unique fundraising sites. They charge a 4% fee and a 3% third-party fee. Indigo is easy to use and very visually appealing.


GiveForward has an assigned mentor or coach to every fundraiser. There is a fee of 7.9% plus $0.50 per transaction. Donors are asked to cover these fees and 95% of them often do. The average fundraiser on GiveForward keep 99.5% of the money raised because of this option.



The Humane Society of the United States offer a comprehensive list by state, for financial assistance.