Check out some of the great projects taking place between Art for Compassion and various animal rescue groups! You can be involved! Original art and awesome merch will be available; you’ll be getting cool stuff and making a difference for animals who need a lending hand. (The proceeds go directly toward helping the animals!!).

I am excited to announce my partnership with the Helotes Humane Society! From now until July 31, 2017, we will be partnering to help bring about awareness to their cause, their animals waiting for families as well as throwing a great fundraising event late spring! Make sure to sign up to my mailing list to learn more about this exciting collaboration! Please click on their logo above to learn more about all the wonderful things they do for so many animals in need.

Want to Partner?


If you’re a passionate and reputable animal rescuer or part of a certified No-Kill animal shelter, please visit the “Animal Rescuers” page to apply for a future partnership!


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