What is Art for Compassion?


Art for Compassion is an on-going project with various reputable, non-profit animal rescue groups and no-kill animal shelters.

Art that directly benefits shelter animals and the rescue community.


 How Art for Compassion Began…


In January 2015, my infant son and I had come across a dog in our new neighborhood who was scavenging and crying.

With the temperatures falling into freezing at night and no I. D. tags or a microchip, I knew that I needed to help her and get her into safe hands.

I managed to get her to follow us home and kept her safe, warm and fed in our garage. During those four days, I frantically made calls to shelters and tried to find help anywhere I could.

This dog, who was later named “Wren” (after me!) was the catalyst for how Art for Compassion began.

I realized just how much of a crisis situation San Antonio (and abroad) is in with homeless animals, dumped and unwanted animals, abuse and neglect cases, the list goes on.

I was literally devastated. I didn’t understand. I still don’t. I can’t.

I began getting involved in the rescue community and learned as much as I could; it was emotionally exhausting for me to see just how dire the situation really was (and still is). 

I decided that I could combine BOTH of my passions (art and animals) and do something that REALLY matters.



My goal is to create awareness through original art that directly benefits shelter animals and the animal rescue community. I paint original animal paintings, human portraits and on occasion, children’s illustrations. With each original painting that I take on, I give back to animals in need and the non-profit animal rescue groups by donating a percentage of my earnings directly to them.

I also collaborate and partner with various animal rescue organizations to spread awareness, generate funds and help get their animals seen and adopted into loving fur-ever homes.

I am committed to educating the public on crucial animal topics, offering animal resources to those who need help. 



I met a handful of wonderful people who took the dog into their rescue and later found her a family in Washington – I still think of Wren all the time. I dedicate myself, and my project, Art for Compassion, to her and all of the other dumped, unwanted, abused and neglected animals out there. I’ll always fight for you and have love for you.